Den of the Slavetakers

Kneel Before Torog!

The heroes are tasked by Loki-Goat to find and rescue four halflings from the clutches of an evil cult worshiping the god Torog. The heroes find them in an underground cavern guarded by a one-armed kobold ironically named “The Hand of Torog.” After slaying him, they cross a treacherous bridge over a teeming mushroom forest. Fighting off Torog cultists and the witherlings created from their halfling victims, the adventurers rescue two captives, only to let the high priestess, Morgana Blackstream, slip away with a mysterious chunk of rock that seemed to enhance her power.

Escorting the rescued halflings out of the cavern, the party encounters a trio of myconids looking to retrieve the rock but bests them in combat.

  • Marek found a Rod of Forceful Invocation gripped by one of the specimens on display in the Hand of Torog’s gruesome gallery of severed hands.



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