Drow Rogue


Seeing in her an extreme natural talent for silence and stealth, her elders sold young Kit to the Myendar, (“Honored Black Hearts”) a cult of Lolth devotees. This cult is well-known for their service to the goddess by kidnapping and sacrificing any being whose screams would delight the Spider Queen. However, the Myendar truly shine at tracking and assassinating Drow defectors. In fact, this is a sacred badge of honor among cult members and greatly respected by all followers of Lolth.

Kit grew into a favored member of the cult because of her natural gifts in capturing and assassinating members of lesser races. Her fervor to please Lolth drove her to sacrifice hundreds of creatures in her adolescence, far more than any of her peers, relishing every kill.

This changed when she was selected to track down and eliminate a group of Drow that had forsaken the goddess. Once faced with killing defectors for the first time, Kit found herself unwilling to destroy members of her own race. She let them go. Kit suddenly realized she could not worship a deity who would ask her to kill other Drow and fled the Underdark.

Since then, Kit has been earning her way mostly as a hired killer. While she once was a bloodthirsty religious zealot, now that she’s forsaken Lolth and the Underdark, she is largely indifferent to the “sanctity of life.” She has, however, vowed to never kill other Drow. She takes on odd jobs in between more lucrative contracts, but never loses sight of what her real profession is. No matter trivial or small-time the job, she is strongly compelled to complete it.


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